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NGC Grades 2,000,000 Chinese Coins
a first for a third-party coin grading service. This milestone was reached a mere 18 months after NGC had certified 1,000,000 Chinese coins, a reflection of the significant growth that NGC has experienced in China. NGC began operations in China in 2008 ... more info

In this auction, it was ‘Buy the holder, not the coin’ that inspired bidders
Collectors are willing to pay premiums over the stated value of some United States coins simply because of the plastic grading service holder in which the coin is encapsulated. Original images courtesy of GreatCollections. This 1987 American Eagle silver ... more info

COIN COLUMN: The art and a science of coin grading
The value of any coin is determined by its grade or condition. The primary goal is to ascertain how much a particular coin is worth. In the early days of numismatics, the condition and appearance of a coin was subjective and limited. In the present coin ... more info