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Coin show next weekend
"I think it is a combination of things. Coins have been handled as legal tender in this country as long as it has been in existence. There is a lot of history involved, there is value, inherent value in silver, gold or copper coins. There is interest in ... more info

Explaining Stable Coins, The Holy Grail Of Cryptocurrency
Their stable coin is Dai and each one is worth $1 USD. Stability is maintained through an autonomous system of smart contracts. To receive Dai, you send your tokens to the Maker platform to lock those tokens up. Advantages: One of the first in the space ... more info

Italy looks to past to honor a legendary ruler on commemorative coin
on the left is the value 10; on the right, EVRO; above is the year of issue, 2018; and in the exergue is the inscription TRAIANVS and the last name of the designer MOMONI (representing Claudia Momoni). The coin weighs 3 grams and measures 13.85 millimeters ... more info

Moral coin would provide the populace with a coin that would be stable in value. To ensure smooth trading among traders on the ecosystem, the ecosystem would be developed to avoid reduction in the value of the coin. With stability in the value of the coin ... more info

He got rich after discovering bitcoin in 2009. Now, he's inventing cryptocurrencies of his own worth billions.
Bitcoin, the first digital currency launched in 2009, is still the largest with a total coin value, or market capitalization, of $153 billion. The term bitcoin didn’t appear in The Roanoke Times until 2013, followed by years of commentators questioning ... more info

IOStoken (IOST) Coin Value Remains $0.20 Despite It’s Promises
The IOStoken (IOST) coin is one of the many blockchain projects that start off with a good concept. The developers behind the project intend to turn it into a solid infrastructure designed for the Internet of Services however despite its many offered ... more info