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UK's most valuable coins: The 50p, 5p and 2p pieces worth seriously big money
You might want to rummage through your pockets – as your change could be worth a small fortune. The London Olympic 50p coin changes hands for £3,000 now while a 1983 ‘New Pence’ 2p coin would get you £650 (enough for 32,500 standard 2p pieces). more info

Check your pennies! This coin may be worth more than $85K
Check your pennies because you may have one that could be worth more than $85,000. The 1943 Copper Wheat Penny was minted and released by mistake into circulation, The New York Post reported. Only a few of these pennies were ever produced when copper ... more info

Find an old penny? It could be worth $85K
The coin collecting website says average condition coins could be worth $60,000, and those in "mint condition," could fetch as much as $85,782. ONLY A FEW MINTED "Only a few 1943 copper pennies were minted, all of which would have been released by error ... more info

Rare pennies in circulation could be worth $85,000
Experts say you can verify a coin’s content by seeing if it will stick to a magnet. If it does, the copper is fake. This is not the first time a penny sold for way more than its face value. In 2012, Texas Rangers co-chairman Bob R. Simpson bought a ... more info

How a 1793 Flowing Hair, Chain cent with several flaws can be a good ‘value’
This week's Inside Coin World has plenty on the topic ... much eye appeal for anywhere close to this price point,” concluding it is “perfect for a value conscious collector.” It sold for $8,225 where a “problem-free” example might bring $30,000. more info

'One Coin' fraud: 18 in cop custody
The accused had claimed that the 'One Coin' scheme was similar to Bitcoin, a crypto currency electronic payment system, whose value had increased from Rs 6 to Rs 80,000 per Bitcoin since it was invented in 2009. Investors, after making payments ... more info