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What’s Difference Between ICO Tokens and Cryptocurrency Coins?
Because Ethereum’s purpose isn’t to serve as a means of exchange, it doesn’t issue any cryptocurrency coins. Instead, Ethereum issues value tokens called “ether.” Compared to cryptocurrency coins, tokens offer wider functionality, often being ... more info

Reedeux Media seeks IPO after first coin offering sells out
The company expects to launch its digital platform in April and follow that with an initial public offering worth at least $100 million ... plans to produce using the money raised from its coin offering, according to documents seen by Reuters. more info

Sudan Gold Coin ICO Announces Token Sale Backed With Real Gold
Sudan Gold Coin is the first blockchain option in the world, where the value of the coin will be tied to the market price of gold. The total amount of tokens that will be released is 20,000,000 tokens without further additional releases. At the Pre-ICO ... more info

Shagle Blockchain Coin SAFT Sale Halted Amid Price Turmoil In Cryptocurrency Markets
... Shagle Coin is not in doubt with a system in place and operation for the use and spending of the coin. Concerns of a mass panic resulting in value being wiped from the Coin in its early stages is a significant risk should the SAFT Sale continue. more info

Buy the Holder, Not the Coin – 10 Certification Slabs to Look For
I haven’t seen this sign outside of a coin shop yet, but the right holder can be worth more than the coin inside. Many collectors know that the small certification slabs used in the first few years of PCGS (known as “rattlers” because they sometimes ... more info

Initial Coin Offerings: Scam Or Legitimate?
I’ve spoken with and/or presented my pitch to over 65 high-net-worth individuals and well-known VCs ... That’s when we started to look deeper into initial coin offerings as a means of funding the completion and certification of our software platform ... more info