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See pennies worth hundreds of dollars at Monroeville coin show this weekend
Pennies are worth more than one cent to coin collectors like Blaine Shiff. Some can be worth as much as $500. “They’re jewels of art and history with investment potential,” said Shiff, 57 ... more info

Could you be sitting on a small fortune? These 50p coins are worth more than you think
It's time to crack open your piggy bank and check the money jar, because you could be sitting on a small fortune. There are a wealth of special edition 50 pence pieces that could be worth a huge amoun... more info

Hundreds of Roman gold coins found in basement of old theater
The coins were discovered last week, according to Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and were transferred to the Mibac restoration laboratory in Milan where archaeologists and restorers are ... more info

Construction Workers in Italy Uncover a Jar of 5th-Century Gold Coins Potentially Worth Millions
A historic site in the Italian city of Como near Milan has produced an exciting discovery. As CNN reports, workers excavating the basement of the defunct Cressoni Theater stumbled upon a soapstone ... more info

U.S. Judge Says Initial Coin Offering Covered by Securities Law
In theory, if there is demand for that software -- say a service like Uber but that is hosted on a decentralized network like the Ethereum blockchain -- the coins used to access that service will be i... more info

Supernova explodes on Tuvalu coin celebrating diamonds
Inside Coin World: Collecting Proof sets, odd sports and notes with no value: We preview some of the feature content exclusive to the October monthly issue of Coin World. The Rare Earth coin features ... more info