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Man finds buried treasure of gold coins worth £10,000 in a field in Essex - how to find your own hoard
For four days Chris Kutler, 54, swept his metal detector over the mud of a field in Essex. But it was worth it, because hundreds of years before, in that very field, an Anglo Saxon was burying their gold. Chris, who is from South West London, but detects ... more info

Index fund-type coins are about to enter Cryptocurrency market
When one of these blue-chip cryptos lose value, any price upswings from other blue-chip coins can absorb the loss and still result in overall portfolio gains. The second token, Upstart1K, focuses on smaller coins. The same team researches small coins and ... more info

ChangeChecker is giving away a bronze error coin that could be worth £1,350
IT might only be a 20p coin but it could be worth a whole lot more - and you've got the chance to win it for free. Coins website Change Checker is giving collectors the chance to win this bronze 20p coin, which is one of the rarest coins ever. The 1987 ... more info

20p worth £1,350 being given away - THIS is how you can get your hands on the rare coin
The rare coin was found by a collector named David Crosier, who got in touch with ChangeChecker to say he had found it. He found the 20p in his change after spending 50 years collecting coins. Thinking the coin was plated, David sent it to The Royal Mint ... more info

The error on this rare £2 coin means it's worth a small fortune
The Royal Numismatic Society is the UK’s foremost society for numismatics – the study of coins, medals and related currency items. It's worth having a browse on their website for reputable coin collectors. You can also get in touch with the experts at ... more info

CoinPouch hack: Over $655,000 worth of Verge cryptocurrency was stolen by hackers
Meanwhile, Verge managed to track down the wallet where all the stolen funds – 126 million Verge coins – still remain ... Earlier in the week, hackers stole nearly $30m worth of cryptocurrency from the startup Tether, briefly causing the price of ... more info