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Can you help this Columbus man get a unique coin back to a World War II vet’s family?
He thinks it’s something of value and something the veteran’s descendants might want back. Eric G. Gibson, a Swedish-born immigrant who grew up in Chicago, is the man on the coin. Gibson served as a ... more info

Babylon, Huntington among towns that flip a coin to select winning bid for some contracts
The coin toss must be agreed to by both vendors ... such as developing bid standards. “The lower the unit value of the commodity, the more likely it’s going to happen,” Grimm said of identical bids. ... more info

CEO of Libra backer eBay says the planned digital coin is a gamble, but the payoff is worth it
"We are sponsors of this, in part, because crypto and blockchain in particular have great promise," says eBay chief Devin Wenig. "Will Libra work? I think it is speculative," says Wenig. "We all know ... more info

First person | Coin sale leads to priceless life lesson
The memory of the life lesson provided a much more meaningful experience. I still own some silver coins from those paper route days. They have continued to appreciate in value and are worth 12 times ... more info

eBay: ‘Rare’ Battle of Hastings 50p coin selling for £1,100 - is it worth it?
Commemorative coins are of great interest to many, especially coin enthusiasts. Some may look to eBay, with the site listing hundreds of supposedly “rare” coins on a regular basis. One such piece is ... more info

EU Calls Crypto Market ‘Anticompetitive,’ Says Central Bank Coin Would Help
“Competition problems of the [cryptocurrency] market are quite sophisticated, given the complex activities that are part of the value chain,” the report reads. One of the more complex anticompetitive ... more info