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This is an easy to use, searchable world coins reference, which includes a lot of info and hopefully will help you to find a coin you want. Please, refer to our American Coins page to get more detailed information about American coins.

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Factom Price Prediction 2018: FCT Coin Price Has Huge Potential
The insatiable appetite for cryptocurrencies is quite intriguing. Given the vast quantity of cryptocurrencies in circulation, how can anyone keep up, let alone figure out what each one is worth? So when I was approached with the task of providing a Factom ... more info

Index fund-type coins are about to enter Cryptocurrency market
When one of these blue-chip cryptos lose value, any price upswings from other blue-chip coins can absorb the loss and still result in overall portfolio gains. The second token, Upstart1K, focuses on smaller coins. The same team researches small coins and ... more info

Litecoin Price Analysis - Retest of all time highs on the horizon
As these addresses shift towards more users buying and holding more coins, prices should theoretically increase. It’s also possible that many users see LTC more of a coin to spend and less of a coin with store of value potential. This is admittedly not ... more info