Old Coins

Old coins colelcting can be very rewarding if you do it right. Coin collecting is becoming more than just a hobby, as more and more people realize the potential of coins as an investment.

Old coins, especially the once made from precious metal, such as Gold Coins, Silver Coins and Platinum Coins increase in value as the price of the commodity and demand increase. You can buy online Old Gold American Coins, Old Silver Canadian and Old Russian Coins at My Coin Dealer.

The ROI (Return On Investment) of more than 100% in just one year is possible if you buy your coins wisely. Please refer to Coin Investment for more information about investing in coins.

Old Coins

The value of old coins depends mostly on condition (grade) of the coin, scarcity or rarity and demand (how many collectors want it). Old coins are different from modern coins, because they also have a historical value, with some of the collectors collecting coins of specific period of time and willing to pay high premiums for rare old coins.

Silver Old Coins and Gold Old Coins - There is an increasing demand in old coins made from precious metals, such as silver coins and gold coins. The value of these old coins grown dramatically in last years affected by increase in commodity prices and high demand.

Refer to Silver Old Coins page and Gold Old Coins page for more information about silver old coins and gold old coins.

Please refer to the Old Coin Values page for more information about old coins value.

Numismatists and all of the third-party grading services use a 70 point numerical scale that was adapted from an old method of grading Large Cents. It's called the Sheldon Scale after its originator, William Sheldon. This scale uses the first 59 numbers to deal with circulated coins and the last 11 numbers with uncirculated coins.

Please refer to the Coin Grading page for more information about Old Coins Grading.


Old coins are becoming more rare with the increasing demand and decreasing supply. Rare old coins bringing the highest return compare to more common or modern coins.

Please refer to our Coin Investment page to read more on investment in old coins.

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