A Companion to Rare Coin Collecting - Concluding Thoughts

Before you run off and start your coin collection, there are a few last words you should read.
Most truly successful collectors are involved in the field to such a degree that they devote much of their free time improving their knowledge of numismatics.

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Happy Rare Coin Collecting

Transversely, collecting solely for investing is a tedious and difficult enterprise with no guarantee for reward (as with nearly all forms of investing).People who collect just to study price trends for financial gain never appreciate the beauty and history of rare coins, thus, deprive themselves of a rewarding experience. Because so little is sown, little shall be reaped. While interviewing for this article, one common thread was evident in nearly every collector that showed a profit from their collections; they loved collecting, they enjoyed coins, and they never seemed to get enough. That they enjoy their art so well, makes their rewards all the more richer. Happy hunting.

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How a Few Nickels Grew Into a Multi-Million Dollar Coin Collection
The Spauldings were prolific art collectors, and their 1921 donation of more ... was missing a piece that would elevate its value to the millions: a rare 1913 version of the coin that was struck by the United States Mint before its run of Liberty Head ... more info